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Snooties Original Booties - Ruby Red

Snooties Original Booties - Ruby Red

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  • Easy to slip on and strap up
  • With two directions of Velcro strapping, the boots will hug their ankles to stay on longer.
  • Rubber soles made from non-toxic natural latex with grooves for grip, that will provide your hound with comfort and safety on those long walks
  • Made from polymer diving fabric that protects you pets paws from water on rainy days or beach trips
  • Reflective 3M piping detail to help ensure your boots don’t go missing in the dark


Shoe Sock Length

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Paw Length













*if you're in between sizes shoot us a message here for help

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What happens if order the wrong size?

No worries, shoot us a message and if the boots have only been tried on inside we can definitely hook you up with a different size. Even if they have been worn outside, we are happy to exchange for a different size for 50% of the purchase price and the used pair will go to a foster dog in need.

What if my boots have a fault?

If you're not entirely happy with your booties or if they have an unexpected fault please get in contact with us and we can arrange a new pair or refund.

Do they suit all dogs?

If your dogs paws fit within the size chart they may work for them, however in the event they don't we are happy to chat refunds or exchanges!

Can my dog run in Snooties Booties?

We recommend not doing high impact exercise in our boots, particularly on grassy or wet surface (although i know sometimes we can't control their zoomies) they're best suited for long sniffaris!

Does Snooties donate to animal welfare charities?

We do!

As greyhound parents, we are staunchly anti Greyhound racing and also believe in the welfare and care of all dogs.

Our intention when starting Snooties was to be able to share a majority of profits to animal welfare charities - keep your eyes peel on our Instagram to see these donations (and feel free to contact us with any suggestions for charities in need of support)

Are they suitable for all weather types?

Dogs regulate their temperature through their paws, so best to be mindful of that in all weather types.

Rainy weather: If they're being used frequently during wet weather, try to dry them out as best as possible before their next walk and wash the boots more frequently.

Hot weather: During hotter seasons of the year please be mindful and monitor your dogs response to the heat. If needed, use your boots to walk to a grassy park or body of water, and let their tootsies roam free.

Are similar boots also being sold on Amazon?

Good eyes! Yes, we discovered these booties on Amazon and found the pair we ordered to be extremely successful as a bootie for our gal Ruby. After sharing around the boots to other pup parents, they worked really well for all.

However we found the difficulty being they often were sold out or had long shipping times to Australia.

So, we contacted the manufacturer, and after a few samples were we adjusted the length and size of the velcro to assist with a wider variety of feet and ankles as well as some unique colours, Snooties was born with the goal of being able to offer these boots for those interested in trying (if others haven't been successful) within Australia.

Although sometimes the cost of these can be similar or slightly cheaper, our pricing takes into account our goal of being able to donate sizeable amounts to animal welfare charities (see below).

If you are looking from outside Australia, you may be able to find a simlar pair for a better price (albeit without any of the changes we have made) on Amazon or a other marketplaces for a cheaper price due to the cost of shipping from Australia.

Any questions? Check our FAQ's or contact us

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Hayden (Melbourne, AU)
Great booties!

Easy slip on and adjust design without being over engineered.
Our greyhound Jeffy has a new confidence in his walk after a couple of weeks of sore pads. With these he's 100% back to himself while out.

Serena (Pudsey, GB)
Fantastic boots, but poor quality bag

I received my boots in the UK following my dog’s corn removal surgery. The booties are easy to put on and strap on securely, and they have helped to protect his paw pads as they heal.

The only criticism I have isn’t actually about the boots - the the care instructions recommend that they are kept in the little drawstring bag that they came in while not in use. Even after only a couple weeks of use, the bag is fraying and the netting has holes in it. It seems to be made of a very cheap and thin material, which doesn’t seem to be in line with the boots, which I’m obviously keen to keep for a long time. It doesn’t make much sense to keep such a high quality product in a low quality bag,.

Otherwise I’m very happy with the booties and can see us using them for a very long time!

Helen Lewis (Adelaide, AU)
Snooties Booties are great!

I am very happy with the XL Snootie Boots I got for Mia. They are well made and secure. Mia has no trouble walking in them and with luck, they will help stop corns developing. thankyou :)

L.K. (Melbourne, AU)
so far so great!

I bought these in preparation of my girl's recovery after grit removal (and prevention for any further grit or corn attacks). At 10yo I was nervous that she wouldn't like the bootie nor adapt to it, but she is happily wearing them, making our short vet-approved walks comfortable!

Pene G
Changed my grey’s life!

I guess I can only give my opinion as Honey doesn’t speak, but these shoes have improved our walks 100 fold!
Honey has very painful corns on most of her feet and would refuse to go for walks. When I could get her out for a walk, she would limp the entire time. Her first time wearing Snooties brought a tear to my eye! She had no discomfort, ran on the bitumen with no limping and was pulling to keep walking.
10/10 would recommend to everyone!
I’ve tried a more expensive brand, but they were too bulky whereas the Snooties are lightweight and compact.
Will be buying more colours to coordinate our wardrobes!